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iReady Trip is an ideal checklist application that will get you organized for your next trip.
Create your own list  or use more than 230 items already prepared for you organized by categories  and packages.
Optimize your trip packing with iReady in just a few taps.
• Easy-to-use user interface.
• More than 230 items organized in 12 packages to ensure you have everything you need with you.
• Items are organized into categories and packages for more efficient packing.
• Business, Baby, Children, Beach, Hiking, Diving, Ski/Snowboard packages are included too!
• Choose up to 3 bags for each trip to find your items quickly later.
• Simply pinch your screen to hide the completed tasks and focus on the remaining items.
• Completed lists are archived and can be reused.
• Adjustable Reminders.
• Email your lists.
• Available languages: English, Russian and Hebrew.